About us

We are a family-owned carpentry company that has been manufacturing custom interior fittings for hotels, restaurants, receptions, wellness centers, congress halls, pharmacies and private buildings for over 30 years.
We cooperate mainly with partner companies from Austria, Switzerland and Germany and we are an export-oriented company, as we ship our products to EU countries, other European countries and elsewhere in the world. We are also happy to cooperate with Slovenian architects, furniture companies, suppliers, investors and private clients of furniture.

Our products cover a wide range of technologically more demanding carpentry products, which are interwoven with metal products, stone and glass products, pottery, as well as electrical solutions for various lighting, etc.

In recent years, due to high demand, we have been faced with space constraints, which is why we have expanded and upgraded the workshop several times in the past. Due to the modernization of hardware and software, which will enable us to partially automate, robotize and digitize the business and furniture production, there was also a desire to establish a new, larger workshop where there will be enough space for work and further development of the company.